We’re building a different relationship with communities

  • We’re working differently in our libraries, working with volunteers which support the running of our community libraries and installing self-issue machines to reduce running costs.
  • It’s up to you – a programme which enables local people to decide what’s best for their community. Individuals or groups bring forward projects that they would like to run, an event is held by and with the locals and they get to decide which project should go ahead. The chosen project applies for funding ‘et voila’ the project is ready to go and the community benefits!
  • Comoodle – creating a strong culture of sharing in Kirklees, so that we can help each other to do good things in our communities. This means making the best use of our stuff, space and skills by lending things to each other and by sharing what we know. Kirklees Council are sharing stuff, space and skills through Comoodle – and local organisations can getting involved by sharing too.
  • I’m in – making it easier for anyone in the Kirklees area to find an opportunity to volunteer, help out our neighbours or neighbourhood and find ways of giving back to make this a better place for us all to live.