Our priorities

Moving forward we will focus our work on two key themes – Early intervention and prevention; Economic resilience

Early Intervention & Prevention

This priority is all about supporting people to remain independent for as long as possible, and delaying their need for expensive social care support now, or in the future. It’s also about identifying early when families have problems and need extra support, and building resilient communities who are able to do more for themselves and each other.

This is not just about adults and children’s social care – it’s about public health, housing, schools and our communities’ teams. We’re aiming to bring together, strengthen and enhance a range of existing services under a single plan with shared outcomes.

Examples of the work that we’re doing include:

  • the development of an All Age Disability Service, which will improve continuity for people living with a disability and their families
  • developing a new relationship with schools, and working together to deliver our shared ambitions for communities, and better outcomes for children and their families
  • adopting a key worker approach, and more localised teams
  • The development of more joined-up services for children and adults, taking a ‘whole family’ approach.

Economic Resilience (ER)

Our Economic Resilience priority concentrates on 3 main areas:

  • supporting local businesses to thrive and develop in Kirklees
  • supporting residents to have the skills needed to secure well paid employment locally, and
  • developing Kirklees as a quality place where people want to live, work and visit.

Examples of the work we’re doing include:

  • Attracting investment and development into Kirklees. For example, developments like The HD1 complex at the John Smith’s Stadium will create jobs and employment in the area, support local business and help to make the area a place where people want to visit – all of these bring investment and are a boost to the local economy.
  • We’re developing the Kirklees Business Hub – a business website which supports and promotes trade in Kirklees. We want to support local businesses to be sustainable and to grow to be able to offer the best opportunities and bring investment into Kirklees.
  • We’re also working with colleagues in training and education to link up educational attainment in the district to the job opportunities we have here through things like the development of the apprenticeship hub.