Our new council

Over the next few years we’re going to become a very different council – a New Council…

Our new council will:

  • support communities to do more for themselves and each other
  • keep vulnerable people safe and helps them to stay in control of their lives
  • provide services – but focuses on the things that only the council can do

Although the council will continue to provide basic services, we will need to target our limited resources as appropriate to meet community needs.

These changes are partly as a result of cuts in Government funding, and partly because we recognise that by making changes to the way we do things, we’ll be able to do things better, avoid duplication, work more closely with our partners and community and allow us to provide the right services with the resources we have.

Across the council, there have already been huge changes which have enabled us to save a total of £103m so far. But we need to do more.

To achieve our plans with the money we have, we have to completely change what we do and how we do it.