2015 community challenge results


Thanks to everyone who took part in our Community Challenge which ran on our website from October to December 2015. Over 600 people took part.

The challenge was to see how many of 12 things people could do to support each other and their community. From things like recycling and making time to help an older person feel less isolated, to providing a foster home or becoming a school governor.

People who took part were asked to choose one of four responses for each activity on the list: ‘I already do this’, ‘I will do this’, ‘I would like to do this but will need help or ‘I won’t do this’. You can see the full list of challenges below.

Responses were scored so people who completed the challenge could see how they compared with others. The average score was 23 points out of a possible 36.

The main results were:

  • Over 95% say they already recycle – which is great. Putting the right things in your green bin reduces the amount of waste that goes in the grey bin – and your recyclable waste comes back as lots of useful stuff.
  • Most people already try to spend money with local shops and businesses (77%), look after their health and well-being (65%), use the council’s website to get services (65%) and try to be good neighbour to older people in their community (60%).
  • Many people also made a commitment to do something different in the future – such as making some time to occasionally help out in their community (36%), volunteering to help an older person feel less isolated (31%), and joining an organised community litter clean-up (28%).
  • Understandably, there were some things that people couldn’t do because of their personal circumstances or the amount of commitment involved. For example, some people said they couldn’t provide a foster home (53%) or were not willing to become a school governor (50%).

A big thanks to everyone who took part. The results tell us what things people are willing to do to help themselves and their communities as our council changes.

If you want to see how you score on Community Challenge you can find the quiz it here.

Our 12 challenges:

  1. I will recycle by putting the right things in my green bin and try to reduce the amount of rubbish that goes in my grey bin – Find out more
  2. I will pick up litter on the street and put it in a bin
  3. I will join a community litter clean up or volunteer to pick up litter in a local park
  4. I will be a good neighbour to an older person in my neighbourhood, by saying hello, making time to chat and helping with things from time to time
  5. I will volunteer to help older people feel less isolated and lonely – Find out more
  6. I will use my council’s website to request services and carry out transactions, such as making a payment – Find out more
  7. I will spend my money in local shops and with local businesses whenever I can
  8. I will occasionally give my time to help out in my community
  9. I will become a volunteer with a local community group or charity – Find out more
  10. I will provide a foster home for a local child – Find out more
  11. I will apply to become a school governor – Find out more
  12. I will stay healthy and active, and encourage my family and friends to do the same