Get involved

Over the next few months, we will be asking for your views on the changes being considered as part of the ongoing financial challenge and to help us move towards our vision of our new council.

This section of our website is one place where we will be asking for you to get involved, by telling us what you think about our current services and how you think they should be changed and developed.

This website is also somewhere you will be able to tell us what you think about specific proposals through a formal consultation process.

So check back regularly and ensure you have your say in what happens in your local area and across Kirklees – your views really matter.

Current engagement and formal consultations

Budget challenge 2017  – can you balance the council’s budget?

Last year councillors agreed a four year budget, setting savings up to 2021. These projections indicated a council tax rise of 2% and using the 3% allowed by government to help fund adult social care last year and this year.

A link to the consultation for 2016/17 is below. The link to the notes of the budget setting meeting from February 2017 is here

The budget setting meeting for 2018/19 will take place on 14 February 2018.

This high level budget engagement does not affect any consultation that may take place in the future on changes to services.

‘Engagement’ helps us put together our formal proposals for change

‘Consultation’ is where you can have your say before final decisions are made

Visit our Involve website to see all our current events, surveys and consultations. You can find past, present and future involvement across Kirklees. Involve will tell you what’s happened since the work has taken place as well, so you can see what difference getting involved has made.

Completed activity

Let’s talk…changes to adult social care charges – results now available

Let’s talk…children, young people and families – results now available

Let’s talk…council budget – results now available

Let’s talk…Local Plan – what happens next?