First meeting takes place for the Kirklees Strategic Partnership Executive

Following the development of the Kirklees Strategic Partnership in April 2017, the first meeting of the Kirklees Strategic Partnership Executive took place on Thursday 13 July 2017.  Partners agreed that meetings would be informal and would provide a space for open discussion and debate about the challenges across the district.

What was discussed at the meeting?  

  • Jacqui Gedman gave an update on recent partnership events.  The first Annual Learning Summit and the Partnership Workshop on Improving Outcomes for Children.
  • Saleem Tariq, Deputy Director, Safeguarding, Specialist and Targeted Services at Leeds City Council talked about the improvement journey in Children’s Services and the partnership arrangement with Leeds City Council.
  • There was a discussion about Looked after Children and agreement that the theme of the next Partnership Workshop would be ‘Looked after Children’ to engage the wider partnership.
  • Carol Mckenna, Chief Officer of Greater Huddersfield CCG updated on Health and Social Care.

The next Kirklees Strategic Partnership Executive meeting will take place on 31 October 2017.

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