Development of Kirklees Strategic Partnership

In mid – April, representatives from a number of key local organisations came together to discuss strengthening the work they do with each other.

The group discussed the collective responsibility of partners for the people and place of Kirklees and started to think about how they could work together on shared priorities.

There were representatives from the public, private and third sector, all thinking about joint priorities, and the impact they could make together.

It was acknowledged that we need to become much better at the overarching steer we give to our strategic boards in Kirklees –  to pull them all together and develop high expectations and accountability.

There was agreement that the immediate focus should be on safeguarding children and looking at how all partners contribute to supporting vulnerable young people in Kirklees.

Jacqui Gedman, Chief Executive of Kirklees Council said “we have a real opportunity here for all partners to make a difference for the people and place of Kirklees. We all have shared ambitions for citizens here, and different strengths and knowledge to bring to the table. By doing this collectively, there will be a positive impact on all of our priorities and outcomes, and more importantly on the lives of the people of Kirklees”.

The meeting was extremely positive, and officers will be meeting again soon to produce practical steps to develop these ideas further.

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