Partners | Adrian Lythgo, CE to stand down

Chief Executive Adrian Lythgo will stand down in February after more than six years in his role.

Adrian said: “When I became chief executive, I anticipated doing the job for five years, which I think is about the right time for both the person and the organisation.

“However there have been challenges I have wanted to see through, including our major transformation programme, our budget challenges and our senior management restructure.

“Earlier this year, we had a period without political leadership which I also wanted to see through. And I did not want to leave before the Local Plan was ready to move forward, before we had moved to a commissioning culture, or before we had the stability of a four year budget in place.”

Adrian is not leaving for another role.

He added: “Kirklees is the only council I would want to have this role in. It is a great place to live and work, and while there are still significant challenges ahead, I feel we are in the best place we can be to deal with those.”

Personnel Committee has now agreed that the chief executive post will be offered to current deputy Jacqui Gedman on an acting basis for a 12 month period from Adrian’s departure.

Adrian has placed great importance on partnership working, not least in his role as CEO of the Combined Authority, but also through his passion for Higher and Further Education – kick-starting the Schools as Community Hubs project, building a strong relationship between the council and businesses and being a visible leader for the third sector and faith groups. Jacqui recognises these relationships will be even more important in the future and values your continued support.

Council Leader Cllr David Sheard said: “I want to put my sincere thanks to Adrian on record for the work he has done in leading the organisation through an incredibly challenging period.

“His calm and thorough approach and strong guidance has been vital as we face the most difficult period local government has known. I am delighted though that Jacqui has agreed to step up, which is vital for the success and the continuity of the changes we are making.”

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