CCTV in Taxis Consultation

We are proposing to add CCTV to all licensed taxis in Kirklees, and we want you to help us come to a decision.

Taxis under CCTV proposal

The aim of the plan is to keep passengers and drivers safe. CCTV will help reduce and prevent crime and the fear of crime. It will also help with the investigation of crime and assisting insurance companies with claims.

Leeds, Bradford, Calderdale, Wakefield and York will also be consulting with residents who live in their areas. If the decision goes ahead, then the aim would be to introduce the ruling across all regions at the same time.

Who can see the CCTV recordings?

We are aware that some people are concerned about their data and who would have access to any recordings. If the proposal is adopted, the only people who will be able to access the encrypted footage are:

  • The police: after a crime has been reported.
  • Licensing authority: when the only way to resolve a complaint is by view the footage by our cameras.
  • Social services/police: for the purposes of investigating something involving a licensed vehicle or driver.
  • Subject of recording: when someone in the recording asks for a copy under the data protection act.

Any downloads that are requested would only cover the period when the incident was reported to have happened.

We are also considering whether to allow vehicles with manufacturer fitted tinted windows to be used as licensed private hire or hackney carriage vehicles. Installing CCTV would remove the reason for banning them in the first place.

Get involved:

Full details of the proposal can be online, on the Kirklees Council website.

Comments on the proposals should be sent to:

You can also post a comment to: Mrs C Walter, Licensing Manager, Flint Street Depot, Huddersfield, HD1 6LG.

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