Partners | Museums and Galleries


As part of its Cultural Offer Transformation Programme, the Council is making changes to its museums offer across Kirklees. Dewsbury Museum closed on 6 November 2016 and Red House Museum in Gomersal will also close to the public on 21 December.

Oakwell Hall, Bagshaw Museum and Tolson Museum are remaining open. Tolson Museum will remain open until a new Museum and Art Gallery is opened as part of plans for the revitalisation of Huddersfield Town Centre.

2 thoughts on “Partners | Museums and Galleries

  1. Your failure to listen to the people you are supposed to serve is a disgrace. Is the loss of these Public commodities going to result in a reduction in the Council Tax bill? I don’t think so. I hope you will be thoroughly ashamed of the legacy you leave,

    1. Thanks Gareth – our funding is under great pressure – we do want to listen to everyone in Kirklees. Please do take part in the activity on this website including the current budget simulator, so that we can understand everyone’s views.

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