Partners | Local Plan


The Local Plan is a key way for the Council to work jointly with other agencies. It details land that can be used for commercial and residential purposes. Here is an update on progress with the Local Plan…

On 12 October 2016, Full Council approved the revised Local Plan. The Local Plan is our strategy for making land available across the district for new jobs and homes. The plan takes into account over 17,000 responses to the consultation: many supportive of our overall approach; some challenging the allocation or rejection of specific sites; and a number of new suggestions we hadn’t considered.  We’ve spent the last six months going through these comments, and making changes to the plan where amendments are justified.

The Local Plan we have prepared is a strategic plan for economic growth, prosperity for our residents, and to build sustainable communities, where people are better connected to services and opportunities.  We have put forward bold and ambitious proposals, both to strengthen existing and build new communities, with employment opportunities nearby, and clustered in strategic locations which mean we can access regional funding to make the transformational changes to road and transport networks which will sustain consistent economic growth.

The Local Plan will be an important document for partners when preparing their own business and investment plans.

A further six week period of consultation started on 7 November 2016, on its legality and ‘soundness’.  This is the final consultation before the plan is submitted to the government’s Planning Inspector for examination, which we expect to be in spring 2017.

You can respond to the consultation and find out more on the council’s website

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