Partners | Council’s Senior Management Review

You may have seen in the local press that the Council is making some changes to its senior management structures. The changes will save £495k per year but, more importantly, will also help us to embed new ways of working.

The changes have been planned for 18 months and are about our need to consider the future of the organisation as well as introducing new ways of working with fewer senior managers

This week we took an important step to creating our new structure, by appointing the majority of the new Service Director roles. The process, as you would expect, was rigorous and fair including elected member interviews and the latest recruitment tests and assessments.

I am pleased to announce we have made the following Service Director appointments:

  • Economy, Regeneration and Culture:   Paul Kemp
  • Commercial, Regulatory and Operational Services:   Joanne Bartholomew
  • Policy, Intelligence and Public Health:   Rachel Spencer Henshall
  • Governance and Commissioning Support:   Julie Muscroft
  • Finance and Transactional Services:   Debbie Hogg
  • Integration:   Sue Richards

The new structure will come into effect in April, when these appointments will start, during the interim period, existing Directorate structures will remain.

Before this process started, Kim Brear decided that the time is right for her to retire in due course. We are grateful that she has agreed to continue in her current role for a few months to support the transition to the new structure and ways of working. Kim remains a key and integral part of the Councils senior management arrangements.

Gill Ellis, Assistant Director for Learning and Skills has announced she will leave the Council at the end of December. Gill has spent the last four years working together with partners helping to make a real difference in children and young people’s lives.

Keith Smith, Assistant Director for Commissioning and Health Partnerships is retiring at the end of December, after many years’ service with the Council. Keith has been key to helping us become a commissioning Council.

There will continue to be regular updates on next steps from Jacqui Gedman, who is taking over as Chief Executive from February, including about how the vacant Service Director posts will be filled.

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