Local partners invited to find out more about early help proposals

Over the last eighteen months, the Council has been examining how it can better support local people, and manage growing demand for services by focussing on early intervention and prevention. We want to identify problems as early as possible and intervene at the right time to prevent problems from escalating and support people to be independent for as long as possible. By taking this approach, we believe that we can deliver better outcomes for our residents at the same time as managing significant reductions to Council budgets.

We have recently completed a four week period of engagement around the Early Intervention & Prevention programme and our proposals for early help. We will now be presenting our report to Cabinet on 20 September 2016 and requesting approval to proceed with a period of formal consultation around the proposals for the provision of a revised early help service for children & young people.

We remain committed to ensuring that our partners are kept fully informed and consulted; we would like to share the findings from the engagement along with the contents of the public consultation document and give you the opportunity to share your views on the proposals and to answer any questions you may have.

This event will take place on:

Tuesday 27 September 2016 – Hudawi Centre, Huddersfield, 8.15am – 10.00 am

Please confirm your attendance at this event by Friday 23 September 2016

Email: earlyhelpconsultation@kirklees.gov.uk
Telephone: (01484) 221000 and ask to be connected to Veronica Matheson or Emma Hewison

We will be organising an additional event at a later point in the consultation period should you be unable to attend on this date. Invitations will be sent out in due course.

Our consultation process will ask members of the public, councillors and other key stakeholders for their views on specific proposals for providing early help support. All feedback will be considered ahead of councillors making the final decision on future provision in January 2017. Subject to cabinet approval on the 20 September the consultation booklet and survey will be available from 27 September on www.kirkleestalk.org.

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