Budget talk – Your questions answered video

Thank you to everyone who came to our first ‘Budget talk – Your questions answered’ session on 27 January 2016.

The session covered a lot of different topics and issues and you can now view the video to see the answers yourself. We got through a lot in the night, so to help you find the sections that may interest you, below is a list of the questions and when you can find them.

0:34 Introductions from Councillors
15:00 Will you reduce Councillor numbers?
21:50 What does the Council intend to do to raise public awareness of the way in which budget cuts are the result of government policy?
33:09 How can you justify senior manager’s wages?
36:27 Is the HRI still going to exist in 6 months’ time?
39:25 What can we do to get better at recycling?
48:39 What about the issues with the bin collections?
54:42 How much does bulky waste cost a year and are we looking for alternatives?
55:22 Can you give us reassurance that the housing revenue money that will be spent won’t be reduced?
58:56 What are we doing to engage volunteers in Kirklees?
01:05:40 A lot of council services are being outsourced to charities. Where do you see the charities getting money from to ensure they are meeting contracts and also making sure that they are meeting your statutory obligations?
01:11:10 What does it mean when you state, “divert elements of mental health care packages through community interventions”. What does community interventions mean?
01:15:30 Council needs money to provide good services, at the moment the country sends NET £9 Billion+ plus a year abroad to the EU. Wouldn’t it be better to leave the EU and spend the money here in Kirklees?
01:19:50 Answering questions from twitter
01:20:00 Why won’t you let small businesses get involved in quoting for council contracts when it could save you more money?
01:20:20 Don’t you think we already pay enough council tax for the service we receive?
01:20:42 The closure of Whitecliffe Mount Sports Centre; the equipment you leave us will not be enough.
01:22:33 Can the Council do anything about having no A&E, and if you can’t what is the situation?
01:26:10 Statement: Kirklees has run an event about volunteering.
01:27:01 In terms of balancing the budget, well what about the people who get upset about all the different factors. How do you balance the books? How do you decide?
01:31:30 Does it matter that only 16% of the respondents to the survey thought that the council should provide help for kids to get to school safely?
01:33:30 Summary from Councillors.

If you’d like to see more of these sessions, let us know below.

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